Mr. Muhammad Tahir
Conference Secretary

It’s a matter of pleasure and pride for me and my colleagues that, we are hosting the first international conference on “Transforming mountain societies through education and entrepreneurship at this newly established campus of Karakoram international university, in district Diamar, Chilas.  I believe that universities are the highest seats of learning through research and academic process.  As a sociologist, I must say that education is believed to be the source which bring about transformational changes in the mind-set of the masses in any society across the globe. I am very optimistic about the potential of our young faculty, with the support of seniors our efforts will yield good fruits in this region.

I extend my gratitude to all distinguished guests who came through all the way to Chilas to enrich us with their knowledge and skills. I am also thankful to all involved in organizing and generating an intellectual debate on these burning contemporary issues and mitigate the current challenges faced by this mountainous society. Where majority of the development budget is being utilized to maintain the infrastructure. I am expecting a great contribution from the scholars and productive outcomes of this conference.