Eng. Professor, Dr. Attaullah Shah

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome the honorable guests, respected scholars and enthusiastic researchers to the 1st international conference on Transforming Mountain Societies through Education & Entrepreneurship (1st ICTMSEE). Hosted by KIU Diamar campus, Chilas.

Social sciences and business management are tested bodies of knowledge understand people’s needs, financial and socio-economic positions with their unique link with all social, management and life sciences. Henceforth, the objectives of this conference are to provide a platform for business entrepreneurs, development practitioners, scholars, and academia to share their unique experiences. I have been putting emphasis on bridging the experts of various academic and development organizations so that our learners should have a marvelous impact on the mountain society. Keeping in view the circumstances that exist in the region, I expect that this conference will yield positive results and some vibrant discourse and diverse debates with empirical research-based results and recommendations in this conference.  

I extend my attitude of gratitude to all dignitaries who came across the country and beyond for their sharing their wisdom on this theme of immense importance. I also appreciate Professor Dr. Shahnawaz Director Campus, Conference secretary Muhammad Tahir Head of the sociology department, Ms. Shunaila Jabeen Lecturer computer science and all other team members who toil for this scientific activity.