Dr. Muhammad Shahnawaz
Director, KIU Diamer Campus Chilas.

District Diamer faces manifold challenges in its way towards development. An increasing population in small hilly hamlets, fragile agriculture economy, absence of industry, low literacy level particularly female, an unjustified educational sector and geographical barrier all combine to make problems more complex. The conventional approach such as establishing new university campuses, extending the reach of the network of educational institutions are facing issues of insufficient resources, exponential growth in population and the time necessarily required to train the desired skilled human resources. A comprehensive understanding of the issues, based on the judicious utilization of natural resources seems to offer a way forward. Educational institutions and business entrepreneurs definitely playing a vital role to expand opportunities, knowledge-based economy in rural society like Gilgit Baltistan. By focusing on this region, all sciences like sociology, business management, and education could be expending simultaneously to extract solutions to specific problems lying in the genesis of mountain regions.  However before undertaking any such exercise its critically internalize the success approaches and skills around the globe, which is possible through sharing knowledge and valuable experiences of scholars who came the way long for this conference. This 1st international conference on Transforming Mountain Societies through Education & Entrepreneurship (1st ICTMSEE) is meant to provide a platform for knowledge exchange so that an effective solution to this huge challenge could be worked out. 

To organize this 1st International conference is aimed at lure those scholars, keynote speakers, expert educationists to identify and resolve those hindrances limiting the development of the education sector particularly female education which is at an alarming state in this region. I expect from the valued scholars participating in this very exceptional conference going be held first time in the history of Diamer, will come up with fruitful ideas and sponsorship to overcome the barriers.